Infinite Car Rentals

To initiate the car rental process, the renter is required to possess a full, original, and valid driving license for a minimum of 3 years. This license, along with an original ID or passport and a credit/debit card for rental and guarantee payment, must be presented. Additional drivers must also hold a full, valid driving license for at least 1 year, presenting it along with an identity card or passport upon vehicle delivery. Specific conditions may apply based on the issuing country of the driving license.

Driving Licenses:
All valid driving licenses from EU countries are accepted. Driving licenses printed with non-Roman Alphabets (Arabic, Japanese, and Cyrillic) must be accompanied by a valid International Driving Permit. Photocopies, Learner’s Permits, and licenses with driving restrictions will not be accepted.

Age Requirements:
The minimum driver’s age is 21 years, with a maximum age limit of 80 years. Drivers aged between 21 and 24 can rent a vehicle from the Economy group, subject to a Young Driver’s Surcharge of €6.00 per rental day. Drivers under 21 or over 75 may still be insured under certain conditions.

Fleet Availability:
Vehicle bookings are categorized by group type, and the displayed make and models are representative of our most common vehicles in each category. While efforts are made to provide the reserved model, Infinite Car Rentals cannot guarantee an exact match and reserves the right to provide a different but equivalent or higher model type.

Payment Method:
All rental charges are payable in advance or at pickup, accepting all major credit and debit cards. Any additional supplements to the normal rental price will be collected before the collection of the rental vehicle. Each customer will receive a comprehensive rental contract detailing a breakdown of all charges.

Deposit for Guarantee:
Upon vehicle pickup, Infinite Car Rentals will preauthorize an amount from the driver’s credit card as a deposit for guarantee. The deposit, blocked (not debited) on the credit card, is fully refunded at the end of the rental, provided no additional charges arise (e.g., missing fuel at return, lost or damaged key, lost or damaged equipment, additional cleaning, etc.). The deposit amounts vary according to the car group and the insurance selected.

Insurance Covers and Waivers:
Infinite Car Rentals provides three insurance options, offering varying levels of protection. With each option, all authorized drivers have Liability Insurance for third-party death, injury, and property damage, up to the maximum amounts specified by the Republic of Cyprus.

Standard (CDW) Collision Damage Waiver:
Included in the daily rental price, this reduces the renter’s liability for damage to the rented vehicle, provided the Traffic Law of the Republic of Cyprus is not violated.

Super (SCDW) Super Collision Damage Waiver:
Purchased at the time of rental, SCDW reduces the renter’s liability and excess by 50%.

Full (FCDW) Full Collision Damage Waiver:
Purchased at the time of rental, FCDW reduces the renter’s liability and excess by 100%.
Please note that unless otherwise stated, certain damages are not included within the excess.

Roadside Assistance (RSA):
While the rental car includes free breakdown service for mechanical breakdowns, RSA is specifically for non-mechanical issues. For issues like lost keys, towing, winching, flat battery, flat tire change, lockout service, emergency fuel delivery, etc., the renter is responsible for the cost unless RSA is purchased at a flat rate daily charge of €6.00 per day for all categories. RSA insurance reduces the renter’s liability to €0.

Damage/Accident Protocol:
In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle, the driver must notify Infinite Car Rentals immediately using the emergency number provided. The vehicle should not be moved unless instructed by a police officer. Moving the vehicle invalidates insurance, and the renter becomes liable for all costs. If another vehicle is involved, local traffic police must be notified before moving either vehicle.

Car Rental Insurance Limitations:
No insurance cover is provided in the case of:
A) Driving into the occupied Northern part of Cyprus.
B) Driving under the influence of alcohol, medication, or any other substances.
C) Driving on unpaved roads/non-tarmac/trails/off-road unfit for its purpose.
D) Intentionally trying to damage the hire car.
E) Failing to adhere to traffic regulations.
F) Lost or totally damaged hire car keys (chip coded), incurring replacement costs from €150 to €300, plus any associated transport costs.
G) Unauthorized hire car driving (drivers not stated on the rental agreement).
H) Unreported accidents or theft of the rental car.
I) Damages caused to the hire car engine/gearbox/electronics/body due to customer negligence or abuse.

Fuel Policy:
The fuel policy is full-to-full. If the vehicle is returned with less fuel than provided, the renter will be charged for the missing fuel, along with a refueling service charge of €20. No refund is provided for any additional fuel at the end of the rental.

Driving in Cyprus:
Cyprus follows left-hand side driving, with the steering wheel on the right side of the car. Traffic signs conform to EU standards.

Traffic Fines:
All traffic fines resulting from the driver’s misconduct, including speeding tickets, parking fines, etc., are the responsibility of the renter. Failure to settle these fines will lead to Infinite Car Rentals covering the cost and charging the customer the full amount of the traffic fine, along with a non-refundable Incident Administration Fee of €25 per case.

Speed limit signs are in kilometers per hour, and mobile cameras and police radar speed guns are extensively used, not always visible.

Cyprus Roads:
Driving the rental car on any surface other than regular public road surfaces (tarmac, asphalt, concrete) is forbidden. Driving on uneven roads and paths leading to off-road locations may cause damage to the undercarriage, for which the renter is liable.

Driving to the Turkish Occupied Area:
Driving the rental car to the Turkish occupied area is at the renter’s own risk, and no assistance is provided. Insurance coverage is invalid in the occupied Northern part of Cyprus, and the renter is fully responsible for any incidents, damages, recovery costs, and additional expenses. Authorities in the occupied Northern part of Cyprus are not recognized by the Cyprus government, making any documentation provided by them invalid.

Small pets are allowed in the vehicles at no additional cost, but they must be carried in pet carriers. The renter is responsible for any damage caused by the pet. Vehicles must be returned clean and free of pet hair and/or odor. If the vehicle requires cleaning due to pet-related issues, a cleaning fee of €100.00 will be applied and deducted from the security deposit.

Smoking is prohibited in the rented vehicle. Each vehicle is confirmed “smoke-free” upon delivery and inspected upon return. If the vehicle needs cleaning due to smoke odor and/or residue, a cleaning and fumigation fee of €120.00 will be applied and deducted from the security deposit.

Rental Car Return:
The rented vehicle should be returned to the specified location and time mentioned in the Rental Agreement. A grace period of 59 minutes is allowed after the agreed-upon return time, after which a minimum of one full-day rental will be charged.

Return Condition:
The rental car must be returned in the same condition as provided on delivery. Damages not recorded in the delivery photos are considered new, and the renter is held liable.

Out of Hours Return:
If the rental car is returned without a Staff member available, the renter is responsible until a staff member inspects the car. Damages not recorded in the delivery photos are considered new.

Acceptable State:
The rental car must be returned in an acceptable state, not overly dirty, with animal hair, stains, signs of neglect, or improper use. Excessive dirt may result in additional charge of a Valeting Fee of €25.00 including tax, up to a maximum of €55.00.

Unlimited (Your rental includes unlimited free kilometers

Changing Booking:
Prepaid bookings can be changed up to 24 hours before the rental start, subject to availability, free of charge. Refunds are not issued for modifications leading to a lesser rental cost. Changing from prepaid to non-prepaid is not possible.

Cancellation Policy:
Customers can cancel a booking before the rental period begins. Refunded amounts are subject to a cancellation charge deducted from the total rental charge, inclusive of extras and charges, for a maximum of two rental days. Cancellations can be executed through the online platform or submitted in writing.

No-show Policy:
If the reserved vehicle is not collected at the agreed-upon time, the entire prepaid rental charge will be retained. A ‘No-show’ includes failure to collect the car within the grace period, failure to provide necessary documentation, or insufficient funds for the required deposit. No refunds are issued if the driver is deemed unfit to operate the vehicle.

Extension of Rental / Early Return:
Extensions should be arranged within 12 hours before the intended or reserved rental expiration and are subject to charges according to the applicable retail tariff. No refunds are granted for unused rental days in the case of an early return.