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Are you planning to rent a car for the first time? Whether you need a car for a road trip or just get around while your vehicle is being repaired. In both cases, car rentals are an excellent option. But if you have never used car rental service before, it is common to have some questions.

Here are a few tips that will ensure a smooth experience for your first-time car rental.

1. Book as Early as Possible

The prices will be cheaper if you book the car early. It will also give you the choice to pick a car from a broader selection of vehicles. There are many benefits of booking your car early.

If you are thinking of walking into a car rental agency and picking a car of your choice, then you will likely be surprised by the high prices.  You should ideally aim to rent a car with at least 1 day notice.

2. Decide the Car Type

Car rental agencies offer vehicles in various categories based on size, engine, luggage compartment, model, etc. Consider your needs, preferences and driving skills to choose the right car.

The options available may depend on your location and the car agency you choose. Car rental agency in Nicosia provides you with a wide selection of sports, luxury, and hybrid vehicles allowing you to take a convenient pick depending on your requirement.

3. Call to Confirm

To avoid any helpless condition, call the representative of the car rental agency and clear up all your doubts. You can also talk about the pickup location and any other concerns related to the service.

4. Document Requirements

To rent a car, you may need to present certain documents such as driving license, credit/debit card, or other payment mode. Using a credit card is usually the best option for renting a car. Choose a travel credit card for additional perks.

5. Inspect the Car and Take Photos

Note ever scratch, burn and dent on the car and take photos before you drive off the car. Never assume that a scratch or crack is small enough to ignore. If you don’t report the damage at the time of picking up the rental car you could likely be charged for damages.

6. Do your Research

If you are renting a car for the first time, it is always better to do your research online. It will help you understand the costs. Remember, car rental charges vary on a number of factors such as location, car type, duration etc. Be aware of third part booking sites that show extremely low prices at the time of booking that will be raised at checkout. You can also check car agency reviews online before making your decisions.

7. Weigh your Options

Sometimes it is better to avoid renting from the airport, because you will be charged an extra convenience fee for picking up the car after your flight from the airport and dropping it off before your flight. It may be better to get to the city first and then rent a car.

8. One Way Car Rentals Cost More

Dropping off at a different location may include hefty surcharge which makes one way car rentals more expensive.

While planning your trips take this into account as picking up and dropping off at the same location can fetch you a far better deal.

However, in some situations this charge may be unavoidable, and you may have to pay it.

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These are some tips for first time car rentals that can help make your experience smooth and avoid paying extra charges.

At Infinite Car Rentals, we are among the leading car hire companies in Nicosia, taking complete care of your experience with outstanding support and quick pick-up and drop-services.

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